Medical Technology and Kubler-Ross' Five Stages of Grief

Welcome to the 5th stage

Last year when I left the IBF MedTech Investing conference in Minneapolis all I could think about was MacBeth and how the med tech community was being drawn into its own tragedy, its leaders uttering under their breaths, “Something wicked this way comes.”  At the time I wrote a post called, “What’s Done Cannot Be […]

Online Diagnosers Exceed Number of Words With Friends Players–Go Figure

Words with Friends

This piece also ran today in Healthcare IT News. We all like to think we are one-of-a-kind, but the truth is, not so much.  In the past month I have found myself among the (estimated) <5% of women who attended the JP Morgan conference, the <10% of women who are partners in private equity firms, […]

A Yawn May Not Be Polite, But At Least It Is an Honest Opinion


“A yawn may not be polite, but at least it is an honest opinion”–Voltaire I read the following lede sentence today in an article about 4-dimensional (4D) imaging and fetuses (don’t worry, this isn’t headed into a political rant on transvaginal ultrasound): “Growing into a fully formed human being is a long process, and scientists […]

Singing a New Tune: Redefining Innovation in the Medical Device World


This piece also appeared on November 6, 2012 in PE Hub. In the world of medical devices, innovation has traditionally been defined as the invention of a new device or a new technology that can be packaged into a device, expanding the number of possible medical procedures or at least replacing old ones with those […]

Pumpkin Carving at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

One of my favorite things to do is see the companies in which Psilos invests “in action” and actually interacting with their customers. This is particularly engaging when it comes to medical devices, since the patient and provider experience are so tangible and visible. Last week I had the chance to attend the American Society […]

They're Real–Keep Them Spectacular

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S. and if you are a human being with breasts or a fan of same, be aware.  About 226,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and nearly 40,000 women die of breast cancer annually. Just as a point of reference, about 32,000 Americans die in car […]

We Are the 51%!

This story also ran in Xconomy on September 18, 2012 The organization called Medtech Women just held its second annual Medtech Vision Conference last week and it was another sold-out event. (You can see my story on the first year of the Medtech Vision conference here.) With a focus on the era of the “empowered […]

Be Afraid, Be Very, Very Afraid

The combination of medical devices and healthcare information technology (HIT) is very much upon us.  When most people think about this merger of technical fields, they are drawn to think of the way in which mobile phones are being used in medical applications, some very much in the manner of medical devices such as ultrasound […]

Does This Augmented Reality Make Me Look Fat?

Much has been made lately in the tech press about Google’s Project Glass, an effort underway at Google to develop and sell a pair of glasses equipped with an on-board cell phone, camera, display, and microphone.  One of the latest entries in the “augmented reality” movement, the Google glasses are meant to allow you to […]

What’s Done Cannot Be Undone


Shakespeare’s play MacBeth opens with two witches uttering these words: “When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain? “When the hurlyburly’s done, When the battle’s lost and won.” The quote refers to the impending reunion of three sister witches intent on evil, but it struck me as a great metaphor for […]