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Last Christmas, while I was supposed to be buying things for other people, I splurged on a silly novelty gift for myself: a box of “Corporate Flashcards,” marketed as “the perfect gift for the unemployed or over-employed.” If you follow me regularly, you know I have a fascination with words and wordplay, as well as […]

Periodic Table of Digital Health

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Very recently, CB Insights published something they called the Periodic Table of Healthcare.   It was a very clever way to characterize the healthcare landscape, featuring investors, acquirers in pharma, biotech, medical devices, drug discovery, drug development.  They specifically noted that the Table was not intended to characterize the digital health world, so I decided to […]

Survival of the Fittest: Healthcare Accelerators Evolve Towards Specialization


I am excited to announce that the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) has just published a report, authored by me, about the state of healthcare Accelerators in the U.S. and around the world. For those of you who don’t know CHCF, it is a very large not-for-profit endowment that has a mission to improve the […]

Doctor vs. Machine–Oh the Humanity!

If we can self-serve toppings, we can self diagnose!

Such a good question from my friend David Shaywitz, MD, PhD, (and co-author with me of the book Tech Tonics). David has spoken and written about this this theme frequently, and most recently at the Health 2.0 conference held last week in Santa Clara, CA. He and I and 2000 of our closest friends were […]

Starvation: The Cure for the Obesity Epidemic or Will Esther Dyson Be My Next Mother-In-Law

Marty Felsenthal, VC, author, and cheap husband

This is the very first guest post I have ever had on my blog.  Normally I wouldn’t want to have anyone else’s voice here, as I am just too much of a control freak and it pains me to correct people who write “your” instead of “you’re”.  However, I have been wildly busy and away […]

The Apple Announcement and My Deja Vu


On September 9, 2014 it seemed the whole world (or at least the people who think they are the whole world in Silicon Valley) was holding its collective breath to find out what Apple Computer was about to announce regarding the iPhone, the Apple Watch, HealthKit, and everything else it might have up its sleeve. […]

Researchers Declare Questionable Winner in VC Battle of the Sexes


My wonderful friend Jane Sarasohn Kahn sent me an article the other day that really set me off. I know that was the point, actually—to get me thinking about how unbelievably weird and biased the conclusions of the article were. The article was entitled, Women venture capitalists underperform men, say Harvard academics. The article reported […]

The eHarmonizing of Healthcare


Last week I saw an article announcing eHarmony’s intent to launch a new career-matching service that will “pair hiring managers with candidates based on desired culture, personality and skill-set traits.” Granted, this could go somewhat legally awry if hiring managers are entering criteria suggesting they are looking for a hot personal assistant or a cabana […]

Deaths of the Unfit Outnumber Survival of the Fittest


 “One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.” –Charles Darwin As you can see from the quote above, I was recently perusing the works of my favorite business advisor, Charles Darwin, after I saw this statistic on Twitter: Wow, that is […]