New Tech Tonics Podcast: Drop-Out Doctor to In-Vestor


A recent SF Chronicle article talked about a new trend: medical students from around the Bay Area and the country increasingly dropping out of residency programs and instead going into careers in high-tech start-ups.  Bijan Salehizadeh (say that five times fast!) was well ahead of that trend.  In 1999, his final year of medical school […]

Hey Lady Entrepreneur: Why Aren’t You Home Raising Your Kids?

That's what I'm talking about

Last week I sent out a post on Twitter reporting the miserable experience of a friend of mine, a female entrepreneur, who had been out fundraising. She was meeting with a central-casting type venture capitalist, approximate age 35, who told her that she had “built a nice little business” so why didn’t she just sell […]

In the Operating Room There Are No Politics

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.04.01 PM

I rarely tread into the political, but during this time of extreme political rhetoric bordering on insanity, I have seen two things in the last week that brought home what is such an important and ironic point. The first was this poster, which I happened across in the lobby of the American Heart Association’s national […]

The Fight in Feit – A New Tech Tonics Podcast Episode

Jonathon Feit

Jonathon Feit and I first met when he won the DC to VC competition where I was a judge. Several months later we coincidentally ended up traveling together to Moscow to talk about health IT, drink vodka and, in his case, belly dance at an Uzbeki restaurant. Full disclosure, I’m on the board of his […]

Kim’s FDA Kerfuffle

kim k insta

It’s always hard for me to come back from vacation and get reconnected with work, especially when I have had a great time, as I did. I spent the early part of this week trying to get my motivation back, including the impetus to restart the blog after a 3 week hiatus. There I was, […]

What to Read When V V is on Hiatus


My partner in crime and podcasting, David Shaywitz, suggested that I offer up a summer reading list while the blog is on a two week hiatus while I go, Chevy Chase style, on a summer vacation. I am an avid reader and am especially enamored of non-fiction that reads like a thriller and fiction classics […]

New Tech Tonics Podcast: Bob Wachter, the Digital Doctor

Bob channeling Elton John at Society of Hospital Medicine meeting, 2014

UCSF professor Bob Wachter has had a front row view of the collision of irresistible emerging technology with an immovable healthcare system, and has managed to navigate this interface with unusual nuance, grace and a healthy sense of humor, a story he shares in the wonderful, recently published book “The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and […]

Oh, The Medtechs and the Payers Can Be Friends!

Medtech and Payers: Unlikely Friends, but possible!”

The farmer and the cowman should be friends. Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends. One man likes to push a plough, the other likes to chase a cow, But that’s no reason why they cain’t be friends. Territory folks should stick together, Territory folks should all be pals. …

New Tech Tonics Podcast: David Goodman Roars Into Town

Dr. David Goodman, Bad to the Bone

After his second series of medical school rejections, biomedical engineer David Goodman found his way to a nascent medical device company seeking to develop an easy way to measure oxygen levels in the blood.  The result – the Nellcor pulse oximeter – transformed medical care.  It also earned David a coveted spot in the Health […]

This Independence Day — Free the Data!


This coming weekend is Independence Day, the formal name for what we know of as July 4th. While this day has come to mean barbecue and fireworks and a day off work for most Americans, it’s original meaning, of course, was the statement that America was its own independent country, free of control of others; […]