This Independence Day — Free the Data!


This coming weekend is Independence Day, the formal name for what we know of as July 4th. While this day has come to mean barbecue and fireworks and a day off work for most Americans, it’s original meaning, of course, was the statement that America was its own independent country, free of control of others; […]

People Magazine: Your Best Source for Pharmaceutical Info


I fly a lot and while I like to work on planes when I am not depositing sleep-induced drool on my seatmates, I also like to read trashy magazines. It’s my opportunity to engage in this guilty pleasure when no one is paying attention. My go-to threesome of magazines is pretty much always the same: […]

New Tech Tonics Podcast: Sean Duffy, Always Building


Sean Duffy was one of those kids building monumental Lego edifices when his friends were playing outside.  He continued to progress on the building front until he broke ground on his latest endeavor, the establishment of Omada Health, a company that helps people reduce their risk of progression to Type 2 diabetes by employing a […]

Jobs of the Future: Not Only for Robots


There is always talk, sometimes tongue-in-cheek but mostly sort of serious, that a lot of jobs will be replaced by robots or computers. Maybe that new iPhone I just bought will replace me by year end. Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla thinks that the most doctors’ current functions will be replaced by algorithms; many believe that […]

New Tech Tonics Podcast: Elli Kaplan Tackling the Big Issues


I first met Elli Kaplan, CEO of Neurotrack, when she won the SXSW best new start-up competition a few years back. She wowed the audience for the scope and creativity of what she is trying to do: create a non-invasive test that predicts patients’ risk of developing mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease years before […]

I’d Trade This Life for Fortune and Fame…


I wanna find something I’ve wanted all along Somewhere I belong. – from Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park Linkin Park, in case you don’t know them, is one of the most popular and successful rock/rap/metal bands of all time. They have won all kinds of Billboard and Grammy and American Music awards among others. […]

New Tech Tonics Podcast: Linda Avey – Always Curious


When 23andMe veteran Linda Avey pitched her new start-up, We Are Curious, which focuses on integrating patient-reported symptoms and experiences, she thought she’d emphasize a condition that seemed like an easy win: menopause-associated symptoms.  VCs, she reasoned, would be immediately grasp the size (and associated economics) of this market, the need to better understand the […]

Wear This and Cure Healthcare!

Flavor Flav's PERS device″>

I’m not trying to make a political statement, but last week Jeb Bush actually told the world that Obamacare could be “fixed” by the AppleWatch.  His specific quote was: “On this device in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my health care in ways that five years ago were not […]

New Tech Tonics Podcast: John DeSouza, Meant for Medicine

John_de Souza_Color Picture

As a child growing up in Ethiopia, John De Souza witnessed the grim reality of poverty–families wishing for rapid death for their sick children because a cure was out of reach socially and financially. Later he was able to emigrate to the U.S. and was accepted to Harvard Medical School. But he could not fulfill […]

Talking Taboos and Tacos

Woman with Finger on Lips

It’s always so interesting when people are forced to discuss taboo subjects, or are willing to do so, in public settings. It is also particularly interesting to me that different settings seem to define what is taboo and what is totally acceptable discourse. No where is this more true than in healthcare vs. popular culture […]